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Dr. Steenstra Selected for Colorado River Citizens Forum Board


Dr. Steenstra selected for Colorado River Citizens Forum Board

Excerpt from the Commissioner’s welcome letter:

Congratulations on your selection to the Colorado River Citizens Forum Board. The United States Section of the International Boundary and Water Commission (USIBWC) received applications from many well-qualified individuals, leading to a very competitive selection process this year.

The panel selected reflects a diversity of interests in the region, includes strong representation from individuals and groups most likely to be directly affected by USIBWC projects, and includes people committed to their communities and to improving management of the area’s water resources.

The USIBWC selected the following board members:
• Ronda C. Aguerro , Quechan Indian Tribe, Tribal Council Vice President, Yuma, AZ
• Yazmin Arellano-Torres, City of Brawley Public Works Director and City Engineer, Brawley, CA
• Glenna Barrett, biologist and community volunteer, Imperial CA
• Chuck Cullom, Central Arizona Project, Phoenix, AZ
• Tom W. Davis, Yuma County Water Users’ Association, Yuma, AZ
• C. Kevin Eatherly, City of Yuma, Capital Improvement Program Supervisor and Water Resource Liaison ,
• John Hernandez, Our Roots Multicultural Center, Brawley, CA
• Bruce Kuhn, Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors, Imperial, CA
• Roberta J. (Bobbi) McDermott, Wellton Mohawk Valley Natural Resources Conservation District, Yuma Natural Resources Conservation District, Yuma, AZ
• Cary Meister, Yuma Audubon Society, Yuma, AZ
• Tomas Sanchez, James Davey and Associates, Inc., Project Engineer, Yuma, AZ
Alex Steenstra, Northern Arizona University professor, Yuma, AZ


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