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What Makes the NAU BBA Program So Special?



What makes the BBA Program so special? There are many possible answers, one of which is “value.” We use this term a lot to talk about business, but it also applies to other organizations, including ours. Value is defined as the benefit divided by the cost.

The BBA Program is part of the broader Department of Business and Administration. At the department level, our mission (purpose) is:

To provide excellent business management and related higher education for working adults throughout Arizona with an in-depth focus on core business competencies within a global context.

To realize that, we have a supporting vision (overarching goal):

To be a premier provider of Baldrige-Quality business management and related higher education with an emphasis on value and accessibility.

Note the emphasis on “value.” To achieve our goal, we have four strategies, two of which are directly related to creating value for our students:

  1.       High quality education
  2.       Lowest tuition and fees option in Arizona

Unfortunately, it is not easy to come up with a simple number with which to compare value at one school to that at another. But we do use some numbers to let us know if we are on target. Tuition and fees are easy. We do have the lowest in Arizona, and compared to a business major at Arizona State or the University of Arizona, that is a significant difference.

But what about quality? We are currently using three indicators of the quality of our BBA Program: (1) accreditation, (2) student learning, (3) and online class certifications. First, NAU is NCA accredited and the BBA Program is ACBSP accredited. Second, we use a national exam that is given both at the beginning and end of the program to measure student learning. Gap analysis (the degree of improvement between the two exams) shows that our students learn about twice as much as national averages! In addition, our students score above the 90th percentile in most business categories for student learning. That is considered to be “best-in-class”! Third, we are in the process of having all of our online and hybrid classes certified by the national Quality Matters standards for the quality of the course design.

In summary, we provide a very high “value” education to our students. Our quality is among the best in the country, while our cost is the lowest in Arizona. Make the right choice!

Contributed to the blog by Dr. Dean Pielstick



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