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Writing Tutor: Independent Study Opportunities for BBA Students



Are you a #BBA student with strong #writing skills? If so, consider working as a #tutor for the Writing Center as part of a 3-credit BBA-497 independent study course. Read more…

Communication is key in advancing through your academic pursuits, as well as after graduation when you are working in your chosen field. Establishing yourself as an effective communicator not only helps when you are applying for jobs, it makes what you write stand out from the hundreds of other applications companies receive every day.

Even if you are not planning on a career in writing, writing is what will help you in whatever career you choose. You may have to write daily or monthly status reports, deliver comprehensive feedback on projects, provide in-depth employee or coworker evaluations, or even just write understandable memos and emails to keep the workflow running smoothly.

The personal satisfaction gained from helping others is a gift that continues to give even after the tutoring ends. You learn specific skills and techniques when tutoring that make you read, write, and speak more effectively. Tutoring reinforces your ability to communicate and think clearly, logically, critically, and creatively and gives you opportunities to develop intellectually, psychologically, and personally. You will also develop the ability to get along with others by gaining communication, mediation, and negotiation skills.

Contact Bernadette Presloid at from NAU-Yuma’s Writing Center today to find out how you can become a writing tutor and meet new people, learn even more about writing, improve your chances at finding your unique career path, and earn three elective credits.

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