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NAU Yuma BBA Student Field Trip to Woodman Citrus and R.L. Jones


DSC_0559 AdjustedProfessor Kidd took his NAU BBA students on a field trip to learn about a citrus business and also to meet with executives from Woodman Citrus and R.L. Jones.

Professor Frank Kidd scheduled a field trip so his NAU BBA students could gain exposure to a third generation family involved with lemon production and cooperative marketing in Yuma, AZ. Woodman Citrus is focused on exporting to Asia Pacific. Professor Kidd’s class got an in-depth look at production, processing, and an opportunity to question company executives regarding how and why they have succeeded since the 1940’s in a market that brought together many of the academic concepts  discussed in class.

DSC_0558 AdjustedIn setting up the field trip, Professor Kidd got this response in an e-mail earlier this week from Mr. Tyler Woodman:

“Sounds great. Looking forward to it. We didn’t get to do this when I was at U of A. Our classes never had the exposure that you have indicated you want for your students. I can honestly say I really actually learned something in one class, which was taught by a PCA because he is in the industry and the real world. Not out of a textbook.”

Participants were students Veronica Smith, Erica Milan, Alba Urias, and Woodman V.P. Tyler Woodman.

DSC_0511 AdjustedFollowing the Woodman Company introspection, Professor Kidd scheduled a meeting with executives of the R.L. Jones Company.

Professor Kidd’s class met with R.L. Jones “movers and shakers” in the global business environment. Russ Jones is the owner, who also was an AZ state senator for Yuma until the last election. Others pictured include Shelley Mellon, CEO of the company, and Ramon Cid, Manager of Operations for the local company.

DSC_0547 AdjustedR.L. Jones, corporate, has 600+ employees in over 5 states. It was great that the BBA students had a chance to face-to-face question executives of such a company following their academic exposure to global business strategies from a textbook and lecture perspective.

DSC_0549 Adjusted

Professor Kidd is proud of training his students to market their skills way beyond the Yuma environment. He is always open for suggestions as to how to improve the educational potential that Yuma Extended Campus of NAU provides.

Way to go Professor Kidd and his students!




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