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Bien Hecho NAU Yuma I-8 Cleanup Trip


DSCN2464 AdjustedOn Saturday March 28, the Bien Hecho club organized a trip to clean up a section of the I-8 for the NAU-Yuma Adopt A Highway Project and as a way for NAU students and faculty to give back to the community.

The Bien Hecho club once a semester clean the assigned area located on Interstate 8 from mile post 10 to mile post 11 both eastbound and westbound, and, in return, they have a “NAU-Yuma Bien Hecho” Adopt A Highway sign erected  as part of an agreement between Bien Hecho and ADOT.

Veronica Smith, NAU BBA Student of the Month for January, and other Bien Hecho club members organized 28 volunteers from NAU faculty, staff, and students, along with AWC students, and family and friends of volunteers, to help with the cleanup effort.

IMG_8273 AdjustedThe cleanup was organized with the help of AZ Department of Transportation (ADOT) who supplied safety vests, cones, and trash bags. The safety procedures were reviewed with volunteers prior to getting on the highway and all volunteers signed ABOR/NAU and NAU release of liability forms.

The one mile section was split into thirds on both sides (making six total sections), the volunteers were split into six groups and assigned one third of a mile section to clean.

“I felt a sense of pride in the work we did because I know we were making a difference”
– Daisha Cuevas

“The clean-up was a positive experience. It gave me an opportunity to give back to the community”
– Daniel Fitts

The next cleanup is scheduled for Fall 2015.

Gallery of Images from the Spring 2015 Cleanup


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