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NAU-Yuma’s Summer Program: Chinese Students Learn about Business


Dr. Alex Steenstra and Dr. Rakesh Pangasa from the Department of Business & Administration hosted a group of 24 students from Tian Fu College of Southwestern University of Finance & Education (SWUFE) from China for 10 days. This summer program was offered by Northern Arizona University, Yuma campus (NAU-Yuma).

Tian FuThis program was a part of Tian Fu College’s goal of producing bilingual graduates who can successfully compete in the international markets. Tian Fu College is located in Mianyang City, a city in northeast Sichuan Province.

In NAU-Yuma’s summer program, these students toured local businesses, took English for business classes, and made trips to Phoenix and Tucson. One student, Sabrina Liu, stated regarding the tour of Cocopah Wild River Family Entertainment Center, “In the future I want to own this kind of company in China and we can study from this company.”

cocopahTo view their tour of Cocopah Wild River, click here.

Dr. Pangasa hopes the students, “…had fun, they learned something new, and they will tell their friends how fun, entertaining and exciting the trip was.”

Stay tuned for more international student experiences from NAU-Yuma’s Department of Business and Administration! #NAUBBA



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