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Bien Hecho NAU-Yuma I-8 Cleanup Event


IMG_42161On Saturday October 24th, the Bien Hecho Student Club organized a highway cleanup for mile marker 10 to 11 of Interstate 8. This is part of the commitment to NAU-Yuma Adopt A Highway Project with ADOT. Twice a year, Bien Hecho Student Club organizes and conducts the highway cleanup for NAU-Yuma’s adopted mile of Interstate 8.

Adopt a Highway is a volunteer program of ADOT to help maintain interstate roads. ADOT provided safety vests, training materials, and trash bags for the event. Bien Hecho Student Club provided safety training to volunteers, cold water, and gloves for the highway cleanup.

The student club was formed and started this year with a mission to serve the community and to be a resource and support for other students. Club President, Elizabeth Benitez, and her board of officers organized the event. The highway cleanup was possible thanks to the participation of club members, other NAU students, NAU faculty and staff, volunteers from the YMCA, and other volunteers from the community. Volunteers enjoyed the effects of teamwork and the rewards of making a difference in our community.


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