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NAU BBA Alumni – Share Your Career Insights


We are looking for NAU BBA alumni who are interested in sharing their career experiences in a featured blog series. This blog highlights NAU BBA graduates and their accomplishments and is shared on all of the NAU Department of Business & NAU_axe_Alumni300x161Administration social media sites. It is a great way to share with current BBA students your career successes, experiences and insights. Your experiences may help other students identify their career paths.

Consider the following: How has your NAU BBA degree helped you start or advance your career? Which courses helped you prepare for a career in your field? Did you complete an internship and how was it useful in your career? How did you get into your field and into your position? Any professional associations that are particularly useful? Which trade journals do you read? Where did you look for jobs in this field? What advice would you offer someone just entering the field?

Comment here on Facebook or Twitter, send me a message in LinkedIn, reply in the NAU BBA Network LinkedIn group or email me directly at with your story. As a NAU BBA alumni, share your success and help others too! #NAUBBA #nau #career #work #future #imalumberjack



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