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NAU Department of Business and Administration Alumni Career Insights: Nathaniel Hunter


2017-02-3-17-49-51 I would like to introduce Nathaniel Hunter or Nate as he prefers. Nate is our featured alumnus for this March 2017 edition of the NAU B & A Alumni Career Insights blog. Nate graduated in December 2016 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BBA), Marketing emphasis.

While attending school, Nate worked for AZ Sports 92.3 KTAR promotions. He also obtained a sales internship from June to August 2016 with Daktronics. Daktronics is the world’s industry leader in designing and manufacturing electronic scoreboards, programmable display systems, and large screen video displays. Upon completion of his internship, Nate was offered a full-time position with the company which he accepted. He is now in Inside Sales for the Western Region. He is corporate-based, but has the privilege of working out of his home. He has teams in Wyoming, Hawaii, and Northern California (commercial sector) that are all under his direct supervision.

While attending NAU, there were two courses specifically that he feels helped him prepare the most for his current career. Those courses were BBA 305W Business Communications and BBA 313 Personal Selling. He stated that what he learned in the business communications course he uses daily. He said it helped him to be more concise with instructions to his teams. It also helped with knowing the proper format for a resume. With this knowledge, he secured his internship. As for the selling course, Nate stated that what helped him the most in this course were the role play activities where one person would portray the customer while the other was the sales representative and you had to figure out a way to resolve the situation so that both parties were satisfied with the outcome.

One of Nate’s instructors, Professor Latham, stands out from the rest as it was Professor Latham who took notice of how Nate was excelling with the material and that he showed great interest in it. Professor Latham suggested that Nate should apply for the internship with Daktronics as he felt Nate would be a good fit. Nate stated that the thing he enjoyed the most while at NAU was the small class sizes. He went on to say, “the small class sizes allowed for a better interaction between professors and students. Without it, I may not have been recognized for the internship opportunity which has since become my career.”

As a person, it is often difficult to accept advice from someone else. Especially, if they are not going through or have recently experienced the same thing as you. As one of the final questions for Nate, he was asked for his best piece of advice for current NAU BBA students and this is what he said, “INTERNSHIPS!!! If you haven’t already gotten one, go find one!”

So there we have it, advice from a very recent NAU BBA graduate stressing the importance of an internship. There is an old saying that the worst advice is the advice not taken! Don’t let these words of wisdom escape you, let them sink in and engage and participate in class. Next thing you know, you could be working at a Fortune 500 company in no time, doing exactly what you love! Thank you for your insights Nate and we wish you the best in your professional career with Daktronics!


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