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Bien Hecho NAU-Yuma I-8 Cleanup Event

IMG_42161On Saturday October 24th, the Bien Hecho Student Club organized a highway cleanup for mile marker 10 to 11 of Interstate 8. This is part of the commitment to NAU-Yuma Adopt A Highway Project with ADOT. Twice a year, Bien Hecho Student Club organizes and conducts the highway cleanup for NAU-Yuma’s adopted mile of Interstate 8.

Adopt a Highway is a volunteer program of ADOT to help maintain interstate roads. ADOT provided safety vests, training materials, and trash bags for the event. Bien Hecho Student Club provided safety training to volunteers, cold water, and gloves for the highway cleanup.

The student club was formed and started this year with a mission to serve the community and to be a resource and support for other students. Club President, Elizabeth Benitez, and her board of officers organized the event. The highway cleanup was possible thanks to the participation of club members, other NAU students, NAU faculty and staff, volunteers from the YMCA, and other volunteers from the community. Volunteers enjoyed the effects of teamwork and the rewards of making a difference in our community.


Business Woman of the Year Nomination: Dr. Kella Price

We are proud to announce that Dr. Kella Price, a new part-time faculty for BBA338, was nominated for Business Woman of the Year by the American Business Women Association. Dr. Price is one of ten nominees who will be competing for the national title of Business Woman of the Year.


Her commitment to the Human Resource Profession, to business management and to the Yuma community make her an outstanding role model for our students and for our community.

Congratulations, Kella!

NAU-Yuma’s Summer Program: Chinese Students Learn about Business

Dr. Alex Steenstra and Dr. Rakesh Pangasa from the Department of Business & Administration hosted a group of 24 students from Tian Fu College of Southwestern University of Finance & Education (SWUFE) from China for 10 days. This summer program was offered by Northern Arizona University, Yuma campus (NAU-Yuma).

Tian FuThis program was a part of Tian Fu College’s goal of producing bilingual graduates who can successfully compete in the international markets. Tian Fu College is located in Mianyang City, a city in northeast Sichuan Province.

In NAU-Yuma’s summer program, these students toured local businesses, took English for business classes, and made trips to Phoenix and Tucson. One student, Sabrina Liu, stated regarding the tour of Cocopah Wild River Family Entertainment Center, “In the future I want to own this kind of company in China and we can study from this company.”

cocopahTo view their tour of Cocopah Wild River, click here.

Dr. Pangasa hopes the students, “…had fun, they learned something new, and they will tell their friends how fun, entertaining and exciting the trip was.”

Stay tuned for more international student experiences from NAU-Yuma’s Department of Business and Administration! #NAUBBA


NAU Yuma BBA Student Field Trip to Woodman Citrus and R.L. Jones

DSC_0559 AdjustedProfessor Kidd took his NAU BBA students on a field trip to learn about a citrus business and also to meet with executives from Woodman Citrus and R.L. Jones.

Professor Frank Kidd scheduled a field trip so his NAU BBA students could gain exposure to a third generation family involved with lemon production and cooperative marketing in Yuma, AZ. Woodman Citrus is focused on exporting to Asia Pacific. Professor Kidd’s class got an in-depth look at production, processing, and an opportunity to question company executives regarding how and why they have succeeded since the 1940’s in a market that brought together many of the academic concepts  discussed in class.

DSC_0558 AdjustedIn setting up the field trip, Professor Kidd got this response in an e-mail earlier this week from Mr. Tyler Woodman:

“Sounds great. Looking forward to it. We didn’t get to do this when I was at U of A. Our classes never had the exposure that you have indicated you want for your students. I can honestly say I really actually learned something in one class, which was taught by a PCA because he is in the industry and the real world. Not out of a textbook.”

Participants were students Veronica Smith, Erica Milan, Alba Urias, and Woodman V.P. Tyler Woodman.

DSC_0511 AdjustedFollowing the Woodman Company introspection, Professor Kidd scheduled a meeting with executives of the R.L. Jones Company.

Professor Kidd’s class met with R.L. Jones “movers and shakers” in the global business environment. Russ Jones is the owner, who also was an AZ state senator for Yuma until the last election. Others pictured include Shelley Mellon, CEO of the company, and Ramon Cid, Manager of Operations for the local company.

DSC_0547 AdjustedR.L. Jones, corporate, has 600+ employees in over 5 states. It was great that the BBA students had a chance to face-to-face question executives of such a company following their academic exposure to global business strategies from a textbook and lecture perspective.

DSC_0549 Adjusted

Professor Kidd is proud of training his students to market their skills way beyond the Yuma environment. He is always open for suggestions as to how to improve the educational potential that Yuma Extended Campus of NAU provides.

Way to go Professor Kidd and his students!



Professor Latham Wins Outstanding Local Chapter Adviser

Professor Latham with member of NAU PBL

Professor Latham with members of NAU PBL

The Phi Beta Lambda business club had their state leadership conference on April 3 and 4. At this conference there were over 80 students from Embry-Riddle, DeVry, Phoenix College, CAC, ASU, and NAU Extended Campus.

During the award ceremony, Professor Latham was awarded the Outstanding Local Chapter Adviser award for his contribution to NAU PBL.

Congratulations Professor Latham and thank you for all the time you spend helping the students of NAU Extended Campus BBA program, and NAU PBL.

SALEO Scholarship


Southern Arizona Logistics Education Organization (SALEO) is actively involved in logistics education. The SALEO scholarship application is now available at (the link to download the application is at the bottom of the page).  The intent is to fund students pursuing logistics-related degrees, but there is quite a bit of flexibility, e.g. marketing is a discipline mentioned on the application form too.  Several NAU students have won this $1,000 scholarship in the last two years!  Questions? Contact Dr. Dave Parmenter at


What Makes the NAU BBA Program So Special?


What makes the BBA Program so special? There are many possible answers, one of which is “value.” We use this term a lot to talk about business, but it also applies to other organizations, including ours. Value is defined as the benefit divided by the cost.

The BBA Program is part of the broader Department of Business and Administration. At the department level, our mission (purpose) is:

To provide excellent business management and related higher education for working adults throughout Arizona with an in-depth focus on core business competencies within a global context.

To realize that, we have a supporting vision (overarching goal):

To be a premier provider of Baldrige-Quality business management and related higher education with an emphasis on value and accessibility.

Note the emphasis on “value.” To achieve our goal, we have four strategies, two of which are directly related to creating value for our students:

  1.       High quality education
  2.       Lowest tuition and fees option in Arizona

Unfortunately, it is not easy to come up with a simple number with which to compare value at one school to that at another. But we do use some numbers to let us know if we are on target. Tuition and fees are easy. We do have the lowest in Arizona, and compared to a business major at Arizona State or the University of Arizona, that is a significant difference.

But what about quality? We are currently using three indicators of the quality of our BBA Program: (1) accreditation, (2) student learning, (3) and online class certifications. First, NAU is NCA accredited and the BBA Program is ACBSP accredited. Second, we use a national exam that is given both at the beginning and end of the program to measure student learning. Gap analysis (the degree of improvement between the two exams) shows that our students learn about twice as much as national averages! In addition, our students score above the 90th percentile in most business categories for student learning. That is considered to be “best-in-class”! Third, we are in the process of having all of our online and hybrid classes certified by the national Quality Matters standards for the quality of the course design.

In summary, we provide a very high “value” education to our students. Our quality is among the best in the country, while our cost is the lowest in Arizona. Make the right choice!

Contributed to the blog by Dr. Dean Pielstick


Dr. Steenstra Selected for Colorado River Citizens Forum Board

Dr. Steenstra selected for Colorado River Citizens Forum Board

Excerpt from the Commissioner’s welcome letter:

Congratulations on your selection to the Colorado River Citizens Forum Board. The United States Section of the International Boundary and Water Commission (USIBWC) received applications from many well-qualified individuals, leading to a very competitive selection process this year.

The panel selected reflects a diversity of interests in the region, includes strong representation from individuals and groups most likely to be directly affected by USIBWC projects, and includes people committed to their communities and to improving management of the area’s water resources.

The USIBWC selected the following board members:
• Ronda C. Aguerro , Quechan Indian Tribe, Tribal Council Vice President, Yuma, AZ
• Yazmin Arellano-Torres, City of Brawley Public Works Director and City Engineer, Brawley, CA
• Glenna Barrett, biologist and community volunteer, Imperial CA
• Chuck Cullom, Central Arizona Project, Phoenix, AZ
• Tom W. Davis, Yuma County Water Users’ Association, Yuma, AZ
• C. Kevin Eatherly, City of Yuma, Capital Improvement Program Supervisor and Water Resource Liaison ,
• John Hernandez, Our Roots Multicultural Center, Brawley, CA
• Bruce Kuhn, Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors, Imperial, CA
• Roberta J. (Bobbi) McDermott, Wellton Mohawk Valley Natural Resources Conservation District, Yuma Natural Resources Conservation District, Yuma, AZ
• Cary Meister, Yuma Audubon Society, Yuma, AZ
• Tomas Sanchez, James Davey and Associates, Inc., Project Engineer, Yuma, AZ
Alex Steenstra, Northern Arizona University professor, Yuma, AZ

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