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Startup Weekend in Yuma Successful for Area Student Entrepreneurs

Northern Arizona University and Arizona Western College co-sponsored a 3-day event, March 23-25, that focused on providing professional guidance to area students interested in developing skills and expertise in creating entrepreneurial businesses. Over 70 area students from Mexico, Yuma, and California participated in the activities.

Students were encouraged to register for the event by including a skeleton proposal for a “startup” business. These ideas were presented to the group on Friday evening. Participants then voted to highlight their favorite business proposals. Twelve potential business propositions were selected. Teams were formed that initiated the effort to define, substantiate the need for, and assess the public and financial support necessary to create a functional business enterprise.

Presentations were given by John Courtis, Executive Director of the Yuma Chamber of Commerce, Bosco Noronha, Senior Plant Engineer, Arizona Public Service, Margie Dallabetta, Associate Broker of Long Realty of Yuma, and Arturo Morales, Senior Director of Business Development for APA Federal Credit Union of Yuma. These keynotes provided unique perspectives as to how prospective entrepreneurs can and should develop and validate ideas relating to business goals and paths forward.

Mentoring and coaching to support the student teams was provided by academic faculties of NAU and AWC, and also by volunteers from local businesses. The expertise successful commercial leaders proved to be an exceptional asset appreciated by all student team members. Teams met as groups Saturday and part of Sunday with mentors to discuss and resolve issues ranging from environmental concerns, financial constraints and forecasts, social and educational implications, and data collection involving target customers and evaluation of concepts such as minimum viable product.

Sunday afternoon was the culmination of the weekend as teams were given the opportunity to present their ideas of business development to a group of judges, Tom Rush, Niraj Kohil, Michelle Sims, Joseph Moser, and Jim Adler, who listened and questioned participants regarding their proposed business structure.

Unknown to the students, local businesses sponsored monetary prizes for the top 4 teams. First prize went to team Netwoon. Their business proposal involved the concept of designing a video game for use on a cell phone to identify user interaction with chemicals. Second place was awarded to a team that promoted VetBot, an app created to provide medical assistance for pets. Third place was earned by a group called bRingItOn. Their idea was to develop a personal manager app that could be coded into a ring worn by users. Honorable Mention was designated to Plume which was organized to promote music and art residence in local communities.

Organizers of this event are appreciative of the support of the many sponsors including the Yuma Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation, 4FRONTED, the AWC Small Business Development Center, the NAU Yuma Business Innovation Accelerator, the Matador Business Incubator, and entrepreneurship programs from Mexican educational institutions including CETYS, Universidad Politecnica de Baja California, and Universidad Techológica de San Luis Rio Colorado.

The success of this event was due to the combined efforts of many volunteer community leaders, but special acknowledgement should be afforded to Dr. Rakesh Pangasa, Dr. Mike Sabbath, and Dr. Alex Steenstra of NAU, and Randy Nelson, Dr. Linda Elliott-Nelson, and Shahrooz Roohparvar of AWC, for their efforts in coordinating this event.

Written by and photos by Dr. Frank Kidd, NAU-Yuma


NAU Department of Business and Administration Alumni Career Insights: Christina Lomeli-Anaya

Meet Christina

Christina was born and raised in Yuma, Arizona. While still in high school, she learned about NAU-Yuma through Arizona Western College (AWC) in Yuma where she was taking English classes.  Christina applied to NAU and was awarded a Lumberjack Scholarship. She earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree through a combination of taking classes at the NAU Flagstaff campus, at the NAU-Yuma campus, and online.

NAU’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degree

Christina said she started thinking about her major when she was a freshman in high school. She did extensive research on what she wanted to study after high school graduation and narrowed it down to business and specifically marketing. Christina knew she wanted to have a well-rounded education that she could apply anywhere and that’s why a degree in business with an emphasis in marketing made sense.

When asked what advice she could offer students who are considering the NAU BBA program, Christina said, “The best advice I have, not just for the BBA program but for any program, is to get to know your professors.” One of Christina’s professors, Dr. Frank Kidd, wrote a recommendation letter for her that helped her land the job that she now has as a sales coordinator for the Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau (MCCVB).

Dr. Kidd truly inspired her. Christina stated, “I really liked his philosophy on teaching the best.”  He believed in hands-on work and in-class discussions rather than the usual quizzes or tests and he liked to see the whole class work together as a team to achieve one goal. Dr. Kidd was also a great mentor to her and was always more than willing to share his knowledge with his students.

Christina said that her degree has helped her immensely in her new position. She used tips from her computer information systems classes, marketing classes, and even her strategic management class. She said, “Sometimes the smallest tips make the most impact.” As examples, building her LinkedIn profile for networking purposes and using Excel to organize pending business leads has helped her tremendously.

While Christina was pursuing her degree, she had several part-time jobs.  The most impactful to her at the time was her job at the Yuma Sun Newspaper. She started working as a customer service representative and later was promoted.  She then transferred to the classified department as a classified sales executive. She stated, “That job helped me get the job I currently have!”

Christina’s Journey After Graduation

Christina currently works in the beautiful city of Monterey, California, as a sales coordinator for the MCCVB.  She said, “I can honestly say I love my job!”  Christina always wanted to move to California and since her family and boyfriend worked in agriculture and spent a large part of the year in Salinas, California, relocating to Monterey after graduation to be closer to them made perfect sense.

After graduation, Christina applied for several jobs including part-time jobs; however, nothing panned out for her. She decided to take a leap of faith and with no job lined up, she packed her bags and moved to California. She stayed with family and within two weeks living in Monterey, she received an email from the MCCVB. She had initially applied for an administrative coordinator position, but was offered the sales coordinator role instead because it just became available and the position was a better fit with her degree and experience. She stated, “I was ecstatic to be offered this position and to this day it is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity.”

Searching for a job out of state can be challenging. Christina conducted her job search online by looking at multiple websites daily and signing up for multiple newsletters. She would check for new openings and constantly worked on improving her resume and cover letter. She tailored her cover letter to the job she was applying for. Christina stated, “I looked everywhere and checked every day.”

LinkedIn is another resource that Christina used for her job search. In her digital marketing course, Christina mentioned, “Dr. Paige Leister gave us such great pointers on how to improve our LinkedIn profiles” and Christina said she still uses those tips quite a bit today.  “It was through LinkedIn that I learned about my current job. It is honestly a great tool for both applying for jobs and networking afterwards.”

A Typical Work Day

As a sales coordinator, Christina has plenty of job responsibilities and every day is different. She likes to think of herself as the assistant to all the sales executives.  MCCVB has multiple regional sales executives (RSEs) in different regions of the United States. They also have one tour and leisure travel sales executive. The RSEs focus on group sales, that is meetings, conferences, retreats, etc., and the tour and travel sales executives deal with a lot of international business.  Her job is to help them be successful. The job of the sales team is to sell their location and ensure that businesses come to Monterey County.

Specifically, her responsibilities include communicating with hotels to receive booking confirmations to secure catering for certain events and even determining the logistics to get travel agents from China to Monterey. The MCCVB works very closely with Visit California and ultimately wants the whole world to know that Monterey is here, and they want their business. “Heads in beds is what we like to say” she said.  Ultimately, tourism provides more jobs for more people and makes a huge economic impact for the county. “My job is a lot of hard work, but it is also a lot of fun. I get to go to restaurant grand openings and to wine tasting rooms as part of my job.”

Into the Future

In the next five years, Christina continues to see herself in sales for the hospitality industry. She would love to still be working with the MCCVB because it is truly a wonderful place to work and has a great management team. She hopes to climb the career ladder and work as a sales executive for the MCCVB or possibly for a different organization like Visit California. She can also see herself as a sales manager for a hotel in the future.

“A lot can happen in five years and I do not know where life will take me, but I plan to work hard and hopefully achieve greater things in the future. As cliché as this sounds…this is just the beginning.”

Congratulations, Christina on your career success and on being our featured NAU Department of Business & Administration alumna.

Department of Business and Administration’s October 2017 Student of the Month: Elizabeth Benitez, MGBA

Please join us in congratulating Elizabeth Benitez for being the October Student of the Month.  Elizabeth is the first graduate of the new Master of Global Business Administration (MGBA) degree program in Yuma. She also works for NAU-Yuma in an administrative role.

Elizabeth moved to the United States after finishing high school in Mexico. She learned English when she started college. She enjoys volunteering and helping with community events. She was the Student Body President of Bien Hecho, a NAU club, and has been the recipient of scholarships, and numerous awards including the NAU Gold Axe Award.

Why NAU-Yuma’s MGBA program?
As soon as Elizabeth finished her Bachelor’s degree, her goal was to obtain a Master’s degree.  She chose the NAU-Yuma MGBA program because of the competitive advantage it provides in getting a job nationally and internationally.  She really liked the emphasis on global and believes the MGBA to be a very unique program.

The MGBA Program Experience
“I loved all of the classes and I learned exceptional skills and knowledge in each one of the classes in the program.” She went on to say, “Global Economics with Dr. Alex Steenstra was very engaging as we learned about economics around the world. We analyzed each country and learned about their strategies to increase market power.”

When asked about the  faculty, Elizabeth shared that they were very accessible to all of the students because the class sizes were small. The faculty had office hours; however, if she had questions, they would stay after class to explain concepts or activities she did not understand. In addition, she would send emails with questions and they would be answered quickly. Elizabeth felt that every professor in the program had something unique and inspiring to offer. One professor, Dr. Rakesh Pangasa, inspired Elizabeth to believe that she can accomplish anything and she could go beyond her dreams!

   “I am very pleased with the outcome of the program.  The
classes are small and the faculty are always available to 
help with
different projects and assignments.”

Beyond the Classroom
Elizabeth has been able to take what she learned in the MGBA program and translate it to her current administrative role at NAU-Yuma.  In her position, she coordinates unit budgets which she studied in her Accounting and Financial Decision Making classes in the program. She also works effectively with a diverse population of students, using skills that she learned in the Global Leadership class.

When asked how the MGBA from NAU-Yuma made her competitive in the workplace she said, “I believe the MGBA program makes me competitive because I have developed exceptional business administration skills, unique global skills, and the ability to create innovation and efficiency in the workplace.”

In the next five years Elizabeth sees herself pursuing a doctoral degree and being a business owner.

“I highly recommend the Master of Global Business Administration degree (MGBA) – it only took me one year to complete the program.”

Congratulations, Elizabeth on being the October Student of the Month and for your incredible achievement!

NAU–Yuma Master of Global Business Administration (MGBA) degree program offers students:

  • Flexibility and affordability
  • A strong theoretical background, global skills and insights directly applicable to your work
  • Real-world assignments
  • Faculty with experience beyond academia
  • Career advancement, tailored to your goals

To prepare graduates for a significant career in business, specifically with an emphasis on border business issues. You will learn business with a border focus within the context of broad global business ideas which reflects the need of educational opportunities in a growing and global world.


  • Small, student-focused class size
  • Faculty with strong academic and professional world experience
  • Focus on student learning outcomes
  • Cost effective program delivery

MGBA Information
For more information about the MGBA program or to review the class schedule, visit our site here or contact Dr. Alex Steenstra at



NAU Department of Business and Administration Alumni Career Insights: Rochelle Tandrian

Why did you decide to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree at NAU?

I am still trying to find a concise answer to this question as I am asked it every time college graduation comes up in casual conversation. The term business can be argued as the core of our existence. We live in a business-oriented world where many encounters and exchanges are of a professional manner. It is wise for an individual to have an understanding of how a firm operates and the part it plays in global markets. This is important as many individuals will be a part of a business for the majority of their lives. Understanding the components of business operations such as marketing, finance, management, manufacturing, human resources, and the law enhances a person’s ability to make successful business-related decisions.

There is a business for most types of demands; therefore, it is possible to use business skills in a variety of fields. My career path was undecided when I enrolled in college. I had (and still have) many interests in various fields. I did not truly understand my strengths and weaknesses yet. I wanted to pursue a degree that I would not have regrets about later on, like not being able to find a job. During the course of my education, I became enamored by the various components of business and took a liking to technology implementation, enhancing systematic processes, and strategic management.

Were there any professors that truly inspired you?

I enjoyed working with Dr. Cordova, as she was motivating and very creative. During the last semester, the workload increased for both college and my occupation. She broke down concepts very well. I also appreciated the Management Information Systems instructor as he used very relevant articles and videos to teach his course. He limited the amount of textbook work, which is an industry of its own, as much as possible.

Did you have a job or participate in an internship while you were pursuing your degree?

At one time I had two jobs during my college career. Youth sure does have its benefits. I did not participate in an internship, but instead received hands-on paid learning through my job. I was a department manager for 17 employees and my specialty was implementing systematic and programming solutions. Recently, I took a leap to another career path with a sustainable and scalable company. There is more opportunity for learning and growth.

How has networking and obtaining your degree helped you in your career? Were there any classes that were the most practically applicable?

I am a proponent of those who surround you will determine your quality of life. Networking has helped me become acquainted with others who can offer something specific to me, and in turn I can offer the same to another. Networking has also helped me secure my new position. As mentioned previously, business is everywhere. I often use the communication and business writing skills I learned in college. This was particularly helpful while preparing and hosting meetings. Employment Law, Compensation and Benefits, Global Finance, and Business Finance were courses that were the most practically applicable for me.

What kinds of hobbies did you have while working on your degree?  How did you manage to juggle work, school, family, hobbies, etc.?

While leisure time was limited in school, I mainly focused on my exercise regimen. I was able to maintain my running and lifting routine. I participated in several races and a half-marathon. I try to reach 30 miles a week which became exhausting with the increase in workload. Now that I have graduated, I will resume my guitar playing and leisurely reading. I was able to juggle work, school, family, and hobbies by staying organized and keeping a tight schedule. There seems to be more hours in a day when they are used wisely and there’s always time for a little music and snacks with friends!










What advice do you have for students who are considering the NAU BBA program?

Though it may not be solid yet, have a plan. Figure out what you like to do, what interests you, and consider your strengths and weaknesses. College is a great way to improve upon your weaknesses. While studying, obtain a strong grasp on the material. That will help you get where you want to be. Signing up for courses can be tedious and nerve wracking. Chose courses that are relevant to your overall goal.  Many of the professors are business owners, entrepreneurs, and just fascinating people – take advantage of their time.

What advice do you have for students as they are approaching graduation and after graduation?

Stay organized. Use this time to hone your skills and meet others. If you have debt, formulate a plan to pay-off your loans. If you do not have a solid career path, set a game plan for your next steps to get a job in business. If you are in an enjoyable and stable organization, figure out your next steps for professional growth. Stay diligent and develop your research skills and analytical abilities throughout life. Most importantly, take some time to breath and congratulate yourself on graduating!

Congratulations on graduating Rochelle and best wishes in your career!

NAU Department of Business and Administration Alumni Career Insights: Angel Liu

Why did you decide to pursue a BBA degree?
When I started college, I was going to school for nursing. After volunteering at a hospital in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), I decided it wasn’t for me. I knew that I wanted to finish school and that business was a part of any career, so I chose to join the NAU BBA program and attend classes at the NAU Paradise Valley Community College campus.

Did you have a job while you were pursuing your degree?
I was working part-time at a medical device company that is headquartered in Scottsdale. I started in the customer service department as an aide. As I learned more they started to give me more work. Since I had a flexible schedule, I started filling in for employees who were out of the office. My position became quite versatile.

Did you complete any internships?
I had two internships at the same organization. I requested an internship at Cayenne Medical and they created a program for me in the marketing department. I enjoyed it so much that I completed another internship with the same company in the sales and operations department working with a business analyst. I learned so much by working in multiple departments. Don’t hesitate to try and create opportunities for yourself!


Where are you now – where do you work & how did you get your job? Tell us about your journey.
I currently work for a small recruiting firm, QFR Solutions. We specialize in pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. A recruiter reached out to me through LinkedIn and initially I was unsure about it because I was applying for positions at larger companies. After meeting with the interviewer (my current boss) for a successful first interview, I returned to meet the rest of the staff. The company expressed such great interest in me becoming a part of their team that they extended an offer I couldn’t turn down. I declined the two other offers I had pending, and it’s been a little over a year now and I am very glad I joined this team. The time I spent working at the medical device company helped me understand the medical sales industry more which has helped me become successful in my job.

What advice would you give BBA students?

  • When you’re looking for a job, it’s okay to be nervous during the interview. Research the company and go to the interview prepared with responses to questions that may be asked. Also just be yourself. Just as a company is seeking a candidate to be the right fit for them, remember that you are interviewing the company to see if they’re the right fit for you.
  • Participate in any extracurricular activities that interest you. Volunteering is a great piece to add to your potentially light resume if you are fresh out of school with only a little bit of work experience. Getting involved in your community with volunteer work can also be a good addition to graduate school admissions applications, scholarship applications, and job applications. I look at resumes every day and when I see volunteer or community service listed, I tend to think that the individual is proactive about making a difference in the community.
  • Networking is so important. Having connections help get your foot in the door, so get out of your bubble and get involved. Join business clubs, volunteer in your community (members of your network may even write a letter of recommendation for you), talk to professors (they may connect you to companies or their peers), have conversations with existing relationships (I got one job lead through my neighbor), and keep in touch with recruiters and hiring managers. You may not have been the right fit for the job you interviewed for; however, you may be the perfect fit for another position in their network.
  • Build your LinkedIn profile and stay active. The recruiter who reached out to me for my current position contacted me through LinkedIn. Recruiting specialists have different features on their accounts where they can narrow their searches for candidates (e.g., school, graduation year, skills, previous work experience, etc.). Develop every area you can on your profile to increase your visibility in searches.

If you could change one thing about your NAU experience, what would it be?
If I could do this all over again, I would probably not rush to graduate and I would have taken more classes in person. I took more online courses than in person courses and missed out on the classroom environment. Online discussion boards can’t really be compared to classroom discussions where you get to share ideas and opinions in real time. If there is availability for you to take in person courses, I would definitely recommend fitting them into your schedule.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Married, successful, and possibly with a child on the way. I’ve always wanted to be a mother, but I am not quite ready for motherhood just yet. There are a few things I need to accomplish first and places I want to see. The ultimate goal is to be happy and healthy.

I see myself as a positive person and try to be optimistic. I don’t want to see some of my mistakes as losing an opportunity or me failing. Instead I choose to see them as experiences to learn from.

Congratulations Angel on all of your successes!


Department of Business and Administration’s December 2016 Student of the Month: Gabriel Montero

On behalf of the Department of Business and Administration, please join me in congratulating Gabriel Montero for being selected as the Student of the Month for 080416PM2December 2016.

Gabriel is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at NAU-Yuma. He is striving to graduate in Spring 2018.

In addition to being a full-time student, Gabriel enjoys playing golf, reading fiction, photography, and spending time with his family.

Gabriel was one of twelve students selected to receive the Southern Arizona Logistics Education Organization’s (SALEO) annual scholarship. When asked how he felt about winning the SALEO scholarship, he said, “I was very happy when I heard the news about winning the scholarship. I couldn’t wait to tell my family after receiving the news! I have twin daughters graduating from high school this year, so the news was very encouraging for them. If their father earned a scholarship, maybe they can too (they are far better students).  Financial help is available, but students must be willing to put in the time to seek them out and apply. I am very happy and thankful to the SALEO organization for the award.”


Gabriel Montero (center) receives scholarship presented by SALEO President Mike Valencia and Dr. David Parmenter from NAU

Regarding his career plans after graduation, Gabriel is planning to continue to graduate school at NAU. He is also “looking forward to having opportunities open up in the manufacturing planning process. This is an area that I would enjoy working in which requires this degree.” His advice for other students pursuing a logistics degree or career is, “I love the logistics field because it’s the type of degree that will open doors to many diverse areas of business. Many people think logistics is just transportation; however, it is much more than that. The field is very broad since it covers many areas such as procurement, internal logistics, and the outbound process to customers.”

When asked which courses made an impact on him, Gabriel highlighted Sarah Richardson’s Business Communication course which he took this semester. “The course was very well structured and the feedback was excellent.  The course has had a positive impact on my job.”

When asked what he believed is the secret to success, Gabriel stated, “I believe that the key to success is to work hard.  Work hard and smart to overcome roadblocks; do not be discouraged when it gets difficult.  Difficulties and problems should be seen as opportunities that contribute to personal and professional growth.”

Congratulations Gabriel on being the Student of the Month for December 2016!

Department of Business and Administration’s August 2016 Student of the Month: Jerri Hargrove

On behalf of the Department of Business and Administration, please join me in congratulating Jerri Hargrov080416PMe for being selected as the Student of the Month for 080416PM2August 2016.  Jerri was proudly nominated by Professor Jeff Blake, who has been a mentor to her during her time at NAU. Professor Blake said, “Jerri is an excellent student with a very positive attitude.”

After completing the summer term, Jerri will graduate with her Bachelor of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Management. Jerri lives a busy life.  In addition to taking two to three courses per semester, she also juggles her family life, and her many hobbies. Jerri is currently eight months pregnant with her second child and is moving across the country with her family to Charleston, South Carolina.  Her many hobbies include arts and crafts, traveling, staying active, and being with her family.  She is always up for new challenges.  When discussing how Jerri manages her school and daily life, she said, “I really enjoy learning and see it as an opportunity and a privilege. Sounds corny, but it’s true.  I find that I am able to perform well in online courses because I am self-driven and I am dedicated to learning something along the way, not just finishing.” She is an inspiration and many students can benefit by adopting her approach.

After graduation, Jerri plans to raise her children, explore their new surroundings in Charleston, and then return to the workforce.  She has experience in the dental field as a hygienist, but may also use her degree to do something different in the dental industry such as managing her own office. It is clear that Jerri will be successful in whatever career path she chooses after graduation.

When asked what Jerri likes most about NAU, she says she enjoys the commitment of the professors to the students. Jerri said, “I enjoy when they take the time to get to know students in an online setting. It really brings the course and the college experience to life.” She also enjoys the flexibility of online courses.  It allows her to continue her education while working and maintaining her family and social life.

Congratulations Jerri on being the Student of the Month for August 2016! #NAUSOTM #NAUBBASOTM

NAU Department of Business and Administration Alumni Career Insights: Barbara Atkinson

BarbBarbaraAtkinsonara Atkinson is our featured alumna for this edition of the NAU B & A Alumni Career Insights blog. Barbara graduated from NAU-Extended Campuses with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree.  In her own words, following is Barbara’s career story and insights.

I am currently employed as a contractor “Business Analyst” for an Arizona municipality. I left the information technology field in 2004, when my youngest child, then age 19, moved away from home. I left as a Senior Manager and Enterprise Oracle Database Administrator managing database administrators in 6 data centers in 5 countries. I could not be promoted above Senior Manager because I didn’t have an undergraduate degree. That added significant pain to the excessive unpaid overtime.

When my youngest moved away from home, I didn’t need to make that kind of money anymore, and I wanted a life, so I left. Flash forward to 2008. I had been working in alternative asset investments, which was an education into the bowels of finance and economics that you can’t get in any school. When the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy brought economic activity to a screeching halt, my business dissolved. Plan B was to return to IT, but the rules had changed.

In 2006 when I needed a paycheck, I had a well-paying consulting job in 11 days. In 2008, in 6 months of submitting resumes, I only had 2 telephone interviews. In both interviews, the interviewer said that my experience was exceptional; however, without at least an undergraduate degree I couldn’t be considered. So now I have an undergraduate degree in business administration from NAU.  Although I had been out of the IT arena for more than a decade, armed with my undergrad I was able to secure a well-paying consulting position.

My formal title is Lead Business Systems Analyst. I was originally brought on board to facilitate resolution of a very poorly implemented mission critical system. It didn’t take long to realize that the project I was brought on to complete would be completed in a fraction of my contracted time. More projects were added to my workload, and I am typically quite busy with a wide array of tasks that exercise my knowledge and skill sets well. My current workload encompasses a procurement system, a customer service delivery system, business intelligence implementation, and organizational process improvement.

I don’t really have typical days. Today I am working on completing the business requirements and design for an enterprise-wide procurement analytics cube. This will allow users to analyze spend against contract, spend by product category by department by vendor to potentially consolidate vendors, identify vendors with contracts with multiple departments so contracts can be consolidated for optimized pricing, and identify vendor names with multiple vendor numbers for cleanup.

Most days have meetings of some kind. Today there was a meeting with the core IT group to resolve production deployment process problems. Tomorrow morning I’ll be facilitating a meeting between users and developers that uses constructs of the Rapid Application Development (RAD) model that was prevalent in the 1970s and 1980s. I was able to get buy-in from stakeholders that this would be a worthwhile exercise. As the facilitator, I will document the changes and the change priority agreed upon by the developers and the users. I expect the exercise to be very successful.

There is somewhat of an expectation that I will apply for a permanent employment opportunity that is being created. Should I receive an offer for permanent employment, I will have to get an MBA to move up. The thought of going back to school again kind of makes me want to cry, but the municipality footing the bill helps ease the pain. If I do return to school to pursue my MBA, I hope that I can do so at NAU.

Regarding insights about resume writing, it is important to match verbiage and keywords in job requirements. Most employers, including contracting agencies, retrieve stored resumes using keywords. In the technical arena, most recruiters, whether they are in-house or agencies, don’t understand technology and technical skills. When they select a resume to be forwarded to a hiring manager, they do so based on the resume skills and experience matching the skills and experience in the job requirement.

When I begin a job search, I always like to interview for a few positions I would likely never accept. This takes the pressure off me while I re-sharpen my interviewing skills so when I do interview for a job I do want, the interview is relatively flawless. It’s also important to remember that an interview goes both ways.

Congratulations Barbara on earning your BBA degree, your career success and on being our featured NAU B & A alumna.

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NAU Department of Business and Administration Alumni Career Insights: Maday Villa

Maday VillaMaday Villa is our featured alumna for this edition of the NAU B & A Alumni Career Insights blog. Maday graduated from NAU-Extended Campuses in Phoenix with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Fall 2012. Since graduation, she has advanced in her career at Londen Insurance Group, Inc., a life insurance holding company that offers final expense and Medicare insurance products.

Maday is currently the Assistant Vice President of Marketing Operations. In her role, Maday is responsible for managing the implementation of improvement initiatives in marketing, developing managers and future leaders within the marketing area, overseeing portions of the distribution channel and supervising the Spanish language business division.

When asked which courses helped her prepare for her career, Maday highlighted the following four courses:

  • BBA 305W Effective Business Communications. Not only did I learn the value of oral and written professional communication, but also how to listen effectively.
  • BBA 360 Teams and Project Management. I learned how to work well with a variety of people – those with different personalities, goals, study habits, etc.
  • BBA 497 Independent Study. In this course, my eyes were opened to a comprehensive overview of a corporation, its components and how it operates.
  • BBA 490C Strategic Management. In addition to learning about strategic business decisions, I realized that there were a lot of things that I didn’t know and that was okay because I was going to learn them.

When asked what advice she would offer someone who just graduated and is starting a job search, Maday said, “Don’t wait for a career opportunity to present itself, create that opportunity and then make sure that your social interactions (what you post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) are appropriate. Employers do look at social media – no happy hour photos!”

Regarding conducting a job search, she emphasized the importance of keeping your resume honest, updated and easy to read.  Make sure your resume has something that draws the reader in and sets you apart from all the other applicants. Also, your resume should be free of typos and run-on sentences.  Have several people proofread it and list all of your relevant experience including any volunteer work or experience in academic clubs.

Regarding interviewing, she stressed arriving a few minutes early for your interview. Also, know that your appearance matters – dress well, you should look professional, clean, and polished. Lastly, be prepared! Do your research and learn about the company and the position you are applying for.  Read about the company’s mission and values to make sure they are aligned with your own values.

Maday concluded the discussion by stating, “Primarily the BBA program helped me build my confidence and become a more well-rounded individual.” Congratulations Maday on your career success and on being our featured NAU B & A alumna.