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#July4thPicChallenge – Department of Business and Administration July 4th Picture Challenge

Snap a picture of yourself celebrating July 4th and post it on our Facebook page or Twitter to enter the Department of Business and Administration’s July 4th Picture Challenge!070216AM

We encourage people that take part in the challenge to post the most creative picture of what reminds them of this special day, but it must include themselves in the picture in some way.

Examples could be selfies with fireworks, pets, military, etc.  The photo with the most likes, comments or shares will be the winner of this contest. Be sure to tag your photo with #July4thPicChallenge!

The winner’s picture will be posted on the Department of Business and Administration’s homepage banner on Facebook and Twitter for a week starting from Sunday, 7/10 through Sunday, 7/17.070216AM2

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NAU Department of Business and Administration Alumni Career Insights: Adam Wong

Adam Wong is our featured alumnus for this edition of the NAU Business & Administration Alumni Career Insights Blog. Adam graduated from Northern Arizona University with a adam-2Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Spring 2011. Since graduation, he has advanced his career at TTI Success Insights (TTISI), an organization that researches and applies social and brain science to create a customized suite of behavioral assessments that help organization hire, develop, and retain top talent.

Adam is currently the Vice President of TTISI. In his role, Adam leads the areas of sales, training, customer service, and new products. He “spearheads efforts to further improve TTISI’s technology, which is known for consistently staying ahead of the marketplace, while creating the world’s best science-based assessments and technology.”

When asked which courses helped him prepare for his career, Adam mentioned that all of his BBA courses contributed to his education and preparedness for his career. Three courses did stand out to him, and they were:

  • BBA 490c, Strategic Management with Professor Jim Latham
  • “I don’t remember the exact course number…[but it was] a course with Dr. Miller-Leister, which I had to present on a topic of my choice. I’ll never forget she gave me 124 out of 125 possible points!”
  • BBA 450, Leadership with Professor Stewart Segall

When asked how the BBA program prepared him for his current job, Adam believes the program gave him a general level of comfort and knowledge regarding everyday business terms and applications. “The amount of group work and presenting really helped me prepare for ‘the real world’”. When asked to compare the corporate world to what he learned in school, Adam mentioned, “it’s like comparing night and day.”

Regarding conducting a job search, Adam mentions that he strategically leveraged his internship to reach his current position. With determination and hard work, he sought to leave no doubt in the minds of the organization that he was the right person to hire.

Regarding interviewing, he mentions the following points: “Research the company you’re interviewing with and be able to intelligently speak about the position. Listen extremely well to the questions the interviewer asks, and make sure to answer the question. This sounds obvious, but many people are so nervous that they continue to talk, talk and talk without ever truly answering the interviewer’s question. Lastly, dress accordingly and arrive a few minutes early.”

Regarding networking, Adam emphasizes, “Do it! It’s much easier to get a job when you have an internal advocate. Aside from just networking, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EVERY OPPORTUNITY. You never know where an opportunity will take you!” Congratulations Adam on your career success and on being our featured NAU Business & Administration alumnus.

NAU Department of Business and Administration Alumni Career Insights: Maday Villa

Maday VillaMaday Villa is our featured alumna for this edition of the NAU B & A Alumni Career Insights blog. Maday graduated from NAU-Extended Campuses in Phoenix with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Fall 2012. Since graduation, she has advanced in her career at Londen Insurance Group, Inc., a life insurance holding company that offers final expense and Medicare insurance products.

Maday is currently the Assistant Vice President of Marketing Operations. In her role, Maday is responsible for managing the implementation of improvement initiatives in marketing, developing managers and future leaders within the marketing area, overseeing portions of the distribution channel and supervising the Spanish language business division.

When asked which courses helped her prepare for her career, Maday highlighted the following four courses:

  • BBA 305W Effective Business Communications. Not only did I learn the value of oral and written professional communication, but also how to listen effectively.
  • BBA 360 Teams and Project Management. I learned how to work well with a variety of people – those with different personalities, goals, study habits, etc.
  • BBA 497 Independent Study. In this course, my eyes were opened to a comprehensive overview of a corporation, its components and how it operates.
  • BBA 490C Strategic Management. In addition to learning about strategic business decisions, I realized that there were a lot of things that I didn’t know and that was okay because I was going to learn them.

When asked what advice she would offer someone who just graduated and is starting a job search, Maday said, “Don’t wait for a career opportunity to present itself, create that opportunity and then make sure that your social interactions (what you post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) are appropriate. Employers do look at social media – no happy hour photos!”

Regarding conducting a job search, she emphasized the importance of keeping your resume honest, updated and easy to read.  Make sure your resume has something that draws the reader in and sets you apart from all the other applicants. Also, your resume should be free of typos and run-on sentences.  Have several people proofread it and list all of your relevant experience including any volunteer work or experience in academic clubs.

Regarding interviewing, she stressed arriving a few minutes early for your interview. Also, know that your appearance matters – dress well, you should look professional, clean, and polished. Lastly, be prepared! Do your research and learn about the company and the position you are applying for.  Read about the company’s mission and values to make sure they are aligned with your own values.

Maday concluded the discussion by stating, “Primarily the BBA program helped me build my confidence and become a more well-rounded individual.” Congratulations Maday on your career success and on being our featured NAU B & A alumna.

BBA 497 Opportunities for Summer 2016 and Fall 2016: SOCIAL MEDIA

Students, Are you interested in social media? If so, consider working with NAU Extended Campuses’ Department of Business and Administration as part of a 3 credit BBA 497 independent study project. The Department of Business and Administration is looking for students with a basic understanding of the digital media landscape for the Summer 2016 and Fall 2016 terms. This is an online opportunity so you may work from any location e.g., Yuma, Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, out of state, etc.

Erika Peña, a BBA student with an emphasis in marketing, is working as the Department of Business and Administration’s current social media super-student this term. She is doing excellent work!

Erika Peña working on the #NAUStudentVoice video questions

Erika Peña working on the #NAUStudentVoice video questions


  • Monitor and post content on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.), blog posts (WordPress) and forums using Hootsuite social media scheduling software
  • Identify and implement creative and impactful social media projects
  • Promote NAU’s Department of Business and Administration using social networks and outreach strategies
  • Learn website and social media optimization techniques

This opportunity is a great way to learn how to effectively use social media in an organizational environment and an excellent addition to any resume. Contact Dr. Paige Leister at to find out how you can learn more about social media, improve your career opportunities with this practical experience, and earn 3 credits.



The Department of Business and Administration’s March 2016 Student of the Month: Maurica Rozan

Maurica Rozan was named the Department of Business & Administration’s March P5738-Student-of-the-Month-Award-Pin-Yellow-Star-1-000
2016 Student of the Month. Maurica was proudly nominated by her fellow student Veronica Villasenor.

Veronica stated, “Maurica is a hard worker and a leader in our classes. She is always ready to learn and as classmates, we feed off her energy.  I can personally attest that Maurica has been a role model for me during my journey here at NAU.”

Maurica is a senior who is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Management. She is striving to graduate early in December 2016.

In addition to being a full-time student, Maurica works 50 hours a week. Apart from her busy schedule, she just bought a house and is planning for her wedding. Congratulations! She likes to spend time with her fiance and friends every opportunity she gets when she is not wedding planning, working, going to school, or doing homework. She likes simple gatherings where they always have a good time laughing.

Regarding her career plans after graduation, she stated, “I would like to move up in the company where I currently work. Once I get more experience, I really want to open my own company. I have a few different options in mind; I want to do the business aspects of running a business.”  When asked what her secret to success is, she said, “I think my secret to success is hard work and dedication. When I first started, I was not sure about my degree so I wasn’t enjoying school. Now that I have picked a major that I am interested in and understand it, it has kept me driven.”  Maurica also advises students to pick a major they understand and find interesting to be successful and happy.

Congratulations Maurica Rozan on being selected as the March 2016 Student of the Month! Well done. #NAUBBASOTM #NAUSOTM

NAU BBA Alumni – Share Your Career Insights

We are looking for NAU BBA alumni who are interested in sharing their career experiences in a featured blog series. This blog highlights NAU BBA graduates and their accomplishments and is shared on all of the NAU Department of Business & NAU_axe_Alumni300x161Administration social media sites. It is a great way to share with current BBA students your career successes, experiences and insights. Your experiences may help other students identify their career paths.

Consider the following: How has your NAU BBA degree helped you start or advance your career? Which courses helped you prepare for a career in your field? Did you complete an internship and how was it useful in your career? How did you get into your field and into your position? Any professional associations that are particularly useful? Which trade journals do you read? Where did you look for jobs in this field? What advice would you offer someone just entering the field?

Comment here on Facebook or Twitter, send me a message in LinkedIn, reply in the NAU BBA Network LinkedIn group or email me directly at with your story. As a NAU BBA alumni, share your success and help others too! #NAUBBA #nau #career #work #future #imalumberjack


The Department of Business and Administration’s February 2016 Student of the Month: Erika Peña

Erika Peña was named theErika Pena Department of Business & P5738-Student-of-the-Month-Award-Pin-Yellow-Star-1-000Administration’s February 2016 Student of the Month. Erika was proudly nominated by NAU’s Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) business club President, Mark Creech.

Erika is responsible for marketing and recruiting for PBL. Creech stated, “Whether maintaining the club’s website or Facebook page, she is determined to leave a lasting and positive impression.  She brings a high degree of creative energy, dedication, and professional demeanor. In addition, the traits I admire most about Erika are her ability to suppress her natural shyness and her positive can-do attitude.”

Erika is planning to graduate in December 2016 with her Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with an emphasis in Marketing. Regarding her career plans after graduation she stated, “I would like to go into marketing, specifically advertising. Lately I have been looking into the new MBA program.” When asked what her secret to success is she stated, “I think that being patient, taking things step by step, and keeping a positive mind and attitude can help achieve great things.”

Congratulations Erika Peña on being selected as the February 2016 Student of the Month! Well done. #NAUBBASOTM #NAUSOTM



The Department of Business and Administration’s December 2015 Student of the Month: Jose Valencia

080416PM2Jose Valencia was nominated for Student of the Month by one of his professors, Dr. Frank Kidd. In nominating Jose, Kidd stated “Whatever anyone says about when to pursue an academic degree (especially one from NAU), Jose is a case study regarding dedication. His degree pursuit comes after an 8-hour work day and a 45-minute commute both to and from campus lectures. He is a proud/deserving “Student of the Month” and someone NAU can cite as a distinguished student.”

Jose plans on graduating in May of 2016 and will be receiving his Bachelor of Business Administration degree with an emphasis of Management. Jose stated, “After graduation, I plan to start my own business and work in management.”

Jose is a student of NAU’s Extended Campuses. When asking Jose what his secret to success is he stated,“ The secret to success is dedication and effort toward your goals.  Education provides knowledge and tools to achieve your goals.”

Jose appreciates a class that applies to real world situations. When asked what his favorite class has been so far he said, “My favorite class at NAU is Strategic Management, it provides the opportunity to analyze successful businesses and apply knowledge and skills learned in my business classes.”

Congratulations Jose Valencia on being selected as the December 2015 Student of the Month! #NAUBBASOTM #NAUSOTM

Bien Hecho NAU-Yuma I-8 Cleanup Event

IMG_42161On Saturday October 24th, the Bien Hecho Student Club organized a highway cleanup for mile marker 10 to 11 of Interstate 8. This is part of the commitment to NAU-Yuma Adopt A Highway Project with ADOT. Twice a year, Bien Hecho Student Club organizes and conducts the highway cleanup for NAU-Yuma’s adopted mile of Interstate 8.

Adopt a Highway is a volunteer program of ADOT to help maintain interstate roads. ADOT provided safety vests, training materials, and trash bags for the event. Bien Hecho Student Club provided safety training to volunteers, cold water, and gloves for the highway cleanup.

The student club was formed and started this year with a mission to serve the community and to be a resource and support for other students. Club President, Elizabeth Benitez, and her board of officers organized the event. The highway cleanup was possible thanks to the participation of club members, other NAU students, NAU faculty and staff, volunteers from the YMCA, and other volunteers from the community. Volunteers enjoyed the effects of teamwork and the rewards of making a difference in our community.

The Department of Business and Administration’s November 2015 Student of the Month: Bob Vogt

UntitledStudent of the Month

Bob Vogt
 was nominated for Student of the Month by one of his professors, Dr. Charlie Balch. Balch stated, “Bob just completed my BBA 360 Teams and Project Management class. His peer reviews show that he is both a leader and a team player.”

Bob plans on graduating in the Spring of 2016 and will be receiving his Bachelor of Applied Science in Technical Management degree. During Bob’s tenure at NAU, he has maintained a 4.0 GPA! Bob belongs to Bien Hecho. This is a volunteer NAU-Yuma club that assists the local community, mentors new NAU-Yuma students, and participates in fundraising for the Bien Hecho Scholarship to financially assist students. Bob stated, “After graduation, I will take the additional knowledge gained from NAU and apply it to my occupation. I will then pursue a Master of Information Systems degree.”

Bob is a student of NAU’s Extended Campuses. When asking Bob what his secret to success is, he stated,“The secret to my success is the ambition to provide an example to my four daughters who are all starting out in college. I have also motivated peers into going back to school after they see it is actually an attainable goal; this fuels my drive to go even further in academia.”

In Bob’s free time he enjoys spending time with his family, riding motorcycles, and volunteering.

Congratulations Bob Vogt on being selected as the November 2015 Student of the Month! #NAUBBASOTM #NAUSOTM